Hazardous Materials Permits


The International Fire Code adopted by the municipalities within the Front Range Fire Rescue response area authorizes the fire code official to issue permits for the storage, use and/or dispensing of a large number of hazardous materials. Our goal in managing the Hazardous Materials Permit Program is to ensure materials that pose a health or physical hazard to the public, and to your firefighters, are stored and used properly to avoid causing undue risk. These permits are only issued or renewed after inspections have been completed by one of our fire inspectors, and all fire code concerns have been properly addressed.

Some examples of hazmat permits include fuel dispensing and storage, distillation processes, flammable finish application (spray booths), storage and dispensing of medical or compressed gases, cryogenic liquids, and marijuana-related occupancies. Any business that is required by law to maintain a hazardous materials permit is also required to develop and maintain a Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement as well as a Hazardous Materials Management Plan.

If your business includes any of these operations but you do not yet have a Hazardous Materials Permit or other required Operational Permit, please call us at 970-587-4464 to speak with a fire inspector. Download the HazMat Permit Application.

If you own or operate a marijuana-related business, read about the specific requirements for operating these businesses.

If your business involves using above-ground tanks or underground tanks that contain motor vehicle fuels, review information on requirements for those tanks and the Flammable/Combustible Liquids Permit Requirements.