Knox-Box Key Updates


Does your business have a Knox Box mounted on the wall outside the front door? These boxes are required for any building that has a monitored fire alarm. Many other building owners have chosen to install them because they are extremely helpful to your fire department if we respond to your building for an emergency while nobody is present.

Any building that has a Knox Box is required by law to maintain a copy of all of the current keys to the building inside the box. Plus, giving us keys may save you a lot of money because we will not be forced to damage or destroy your doors to make entry. Having current keys to your building allows the fire department to quickly and easily get inside your building to check for signs of fire or address any other number of emergency circumstances that might be detrimental to your business. If you have one of these boxes, please let us know if you change any keys, create electronic access cards, or make any changes that would challenge us with entering your building. We will also put emergency contact information for your business and/or building inside the Knox Box, so that we can contact you quickly if something happens to your building while you are not present.

We share your concerns about the security of your business and the items inside your building. We never unlock a Knox Box unless there is a legitimate reason for us to enter the building without you present. If you are concerned about the safety of your building by giving us these keys, please know that these boxes are used by fire departments across the United States, and there has never been a documented case of one being successfully breached. Plus, all of our keys are secured with electronic locks that require passcodes to unlock. This allows us to audit our keys at any time in case there is a question of suspected misuse. You may also purchase and install a Knox Box that can be electronically monitored for tampering. For additional information on the Knox Box, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

Please call us at 970-587-4464, or email us at Info@FRFR.co, if you have changed keys and need to update the contents of your Knox Box.