Special Event Permits


The International Fire Code adopted by the municipalities within the Front Range Fire Rescue response area authorizes the fire code official to issue permits for any special event or operation that post an increase risk to public safety. Some examples of the types of special permits issued by Front Range Fire Rescue include: special events, temporary fireworks stands, and installation of tents larger than 700 square feet.

A Front Range Fire Rescue special event permit is required to hold public events such as festivals, parades, runs, walks or sporting events on public property (parks, trails, etc) or rights-of-way (streets, sidewalks, alleys or easements). This permit is in addition to any permit required by the municipality, county or state. Our staff is available to assist you with planning your event. Because every event is unique, it is important that you consult with FRFR and the municipal government as soon as your plan starts developing. Large and/or first year events often need more time to plan than smaller, existing events. Our goal is to help make the coordination of your event as seamless as possible, and to ensure that everyone is prepared for the known and unintentional hazards and/or risks that your event might bring with it. Contact us early in your planning process so we can help you from the start by calling us 970-587-4464. Download a copy of our Special Events Planning Guide as well as the Special Event Permit Application.

If you are renting a tent that is larger than 700 square feet, the fire code requires that you first obtain a permit from the fire district before setting up the tent. These permits are required because of the risk that is associated with installing such a large tent. When we issue these permits, we require a fire inspector to visually inspect the tent after it is set up, and before it used. View a copy of the Tent Permit Application form.

Anyone putting on a display of non-permissible fireworks, such as ones that leave the ground and/or explode, whether for public or private viewing, is required by law to obtain a fire district permit before beginning the fireworks display. Read the fire district policy on fireworks displays and download the application for fireworks display.

The fire codes adopted by local government throughout the Front Range Fire Rescue response area require a fire district permit for anyone who wished to sell fireworks. We issue these permits to ensure that the fireworks sales stands comply with State and local laws, and that they are operated with the reasonable level of safety. Download our policy on fireworks stands, as well as the permit application and stand checklist.