Policies for Cannabis Industry


Marijuana-related business are regulated by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, local government, and the fire district. Plant Extraction Operations, such as those that extract oils from plant materials, are regulated by the fire district. All of the operations require fire district permits before they can legally operate within the Front Range Fire Rescue response area. Get helpful information on how we can assist you in getting the correct permits for your business.

Statement of Authority

Marijuana- and/or hemp-related establishments or businesses involve unique operations that can create significant life safety and fire hazards. The 2018 International Fire Code, as adopted throughout the Front Range Fire Rescue response area, contains numerous chapters that are directly applicable to various operations associated with marijuana-related businesses. As such, all establishments or businesses engaging in these activities shall be required to obtain all applicable annual operational permits from Front Range Fire Rescue. All operational permits and (if applicable) construction permits must be obtained prior to an inspection approval.

Flammable gas (i.e., Butane) oil extractions where the gas is released to the atmosphere are strictly prohibited by the adopted International Fire Code. Violations are subject to criminal penalty, including fines and incarceration.

If a Front Range Fire Rescue policy has not been created, then the appropriate policy/procedure from the Denver Fire Department will be used as a guiding document to determine code requirements.

To review any of the following policies to ensure you clearly understand the requirements of the fire code as they may apply to your business, please email us for our latest version. info@frfr.co

Policy – Marijuana or Hemp Businesses
Policy – Occupancy Classification
Policy – Construction Permitting
Policy – Maximum Floor Area
Policy – Plant Extraction Systems
Policy – Extraction Equipment Approvals
Policy – Carbon Dioxide Gas Enrichment
Policy – Flammable and Combustible Liquids
Policy – Propane
Policy – Compressed Gases
Policy – Fumigation, Pesticides, etc.

Access all of the permit application forms that are required by the policies above.