Youth Fire-Setting Intervention


Front Range Fire Rescue provides a youth fire-setting intervention program at no cost to families dealing with youth fireplay and fire-setting issues. Our staff includes State certified Youth Fire-Setter Intervention Specialists who have training and experience to assist families dealing with youth fireplay and fire-setting problems. To schedule a free family intervention session, please contact us at 970-587-4464.

Most children have a natural curiosity about fire. At a very young age, children begin to learn about fire and fire tools, such as matches, lighters, candles, etc. Without proper guidance, education, and supervision, this curiosity can lead to fireplay and fire setting.


Fireplay occurs when a curious and unsupervised child experiments with matches, lighters or other heat sources. This can lead to accidentally setting something on fire, which can cause injuries and property damage. Children involved in fireplay typically are too young or otherwise incapable of understanding the full implications of their actions.

Fire Setting

In some cases, fireplay can develop into intentional and repeated fire-setting. Youth fire setting usually involves children who understand the implications of their actions, but choose to use fire inappropriately. Fire setting, also known as arson, is a serious problem that can cause devastating property damage, injuries, and even death. The consequences of fire setting can include physical injury, property damage, emotional trauma, criminal and civil charges, and significant financial implications. Early identification and intervention can help to avoid these circumstances.


Arson is a crime. Did you know that arson is the number one crime committed by children? In fact, about half of all arson-caused fires are started by children under the age of 18. Every year, numerous civilian and firefighter deaths result from arson fires. Arson may be an intentional act of lighting something on fire, or it may be that a fire that was started out of curiosity, or even by accident, is charged as arson because of the damage it causes.