Life Saving Award

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Fire Chief with Life saving members

On June 14, 2022, Front Range Fire Rescue recognized several individuals for saving the life of one of our citizens. Jerry Moser suffered a medical emergency and ultimately went into cardiac arrest earlier this year. Although the response from FRFR and UCH only took 3 minutes, a bystander initiated CPR before we arrived and gave Mr. Moser an even better chance of survival. Jerry was with us last night and got to shake the hands of everyone who made a difference that day. It was a very happy and emotion-filled moment for everyone.

We awarded a Citizens Life Saving Award to Stacy Masch, who began CPR. We cited Paramedic Claire Cesari, EMT Stacey McCarthy, Battalion Chief Shane Doyon, Firefighter Dustin Easley, Firefighter Adam Geisick, Engineer Kevin Gosselin, and Firefighter Richard VanTine for the FRFR Life Saving Award.

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